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Enter Scientific Names.
Enter Scientific Names.
  • Paste the names in the text box, one name per line. Remember that the list should only contain the name without identification qualifiers (e.g: sp. or spp.), preferably without authorship and extra characters or spaces. You can also upload the list of names in Excel format (XLSX) or Text (TXT) in the Upload list tab.
  • Click Search button.
  • Kindly download your results in Excel (. Xlsx ) format by clicking the Download results button.
  • Remember, enter up to 5000 names. If you want to submit a larger list please contact us.
About the tool

What is it?

Is a tool for the computer-assisted obtention of taxonomic categories with its respective name, author and LSID.

What is an LSID?

An LSID (Life Science Identifier) is a global, persistent, and unique alphanumeric identifier that is used in the scientific community to refer to an object.

E.g: the following scientific names have an identifier in Catalog of Life (


Where the tool gets its information?

Currently, the tool is based on the 2012 Catalogue of Life annual list Catalogue of Life.

Why do we need this tool?

The tool automates the following tasks:

  • Getting the LSIDs, these are used under the publication scheme used by the SiB Colombia as a persistent, unique and global identifier of the name that will be published.
  • Getting taxonomic categories with their respective name and authorship.

Limitations and scope

The limit of names that may be submitted by search is 5000. If a name doesn’t match in Catalogue of Life (2012) the LSID and higher taxonomy will be not generated.

Source Code

All source code is available in our GitHub repository SiB Colombia


We greatly appreciate any comments or suggestions. Email us at:

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